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Sustainable development

Along with its continual improvement initiative, embodied in its quality policy reaching throughout all levels of the company, SIAM incorporates protection of the environment into its organization as a means of progress.

It seeks to make all staff accountable for applying regulations and complying with preventive procedures and provisions. 
In this perspective, SIAM bases its environmental policy on the following principles:

  • Hold everyone in the company accountable for observing the applicable regulatory requirements along with other requirements specific to our activities
  • Use energy responsibly by controlling and where possible reducing consumption
  • Preserve natural resources by minimizing our consumption of water and raw materials
  • Sort our waste in accordance with external rules
  • Inform and raise the awareness of suppliers, service providers, and others involved in order to get them to adhere to this policy by incorporating it in their services
  • Report all possible safety and environmental risks, including “near-misses”, to an immediate superior, who undertakes to act quickly on the matter
  • Implement procedures and audits to ensure results are periodically measured and corrective action applied in order to rectify situations that could compromise safety or the environment.

SIAM undertakes to implement all necessary means to fulfil all the objectives defined in the scope of this environmental policy.
This policy is observed by the whole SIAM staff on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable development for the environment

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